Spatial Works

Antiphony I 1953 3/3/3/0; 5/3/3/0; timp, perc (3); str   solo voices or chorus (optional) (5 groups, 5 conductors)
Desert Forests 1983  improv pno (optional)
(2 conductors)
Ice Field 2001 augmented orch and improv organ (lg pipe organ w/ a 32′ stop) (2 conductors)
On the Nature of Things 1956  3/1/2/2; 1/0/0/0; glsp; str unis: vln-vla-vlc (all available players), basses
Plowshares and Swords 1995 augmented orch (incl jazz drumset & 3 steel-drums); perc-pno & str groups on stage, hall: 7 wind groups.
In 74 individual parts
Solo Instrument(s) and/or Solo Voices with Orchestra/Chamber Orchestra
Antiphonal Responses 1978 subtitled Triple Concerto for 3 Bassoons
The Glass Pyramid 1980 solo Eb cl, solo hn, solo chimes; eng hn, bn, cbn; 2 pnos, str (4/2/2/2/0 minimum). Stage: 2 grps, hall: isolated soli & ww trio (2 conductors)
Inside Track* 1982 solo piano; sopranino obbligato 18 players (2 conductors)
Litany of Tides* 1983 solo violin, 4 solo sopranos and orchestra (2 conductors)
Odyssey—Why Not? 1965 solo flute (piccolo); obbligato flute (alto fl); 0/2/2/2; 2/2/2/0; timp/perc, pno, hp; str (12/3/3/2)
Solo Voice(s) with Orchestra/Chamber orchestra
Homage to Ives 1975 solo baritone; 3/3/3/3; 4/3/3/1; timp, perc (2), improv pno obbligato, hp; str (3 conductors)
Rainforest* 1989 4 solo voices and chamber orchestra of 19 players
(2 conductors)
String Orchestra
Labyrinth 1955 single voices SSAA (optional)
Large Band/Wind Ensemble
Millennium II 1954 soprano obbligato
Chamber Ensemble
Encephalograms II 1955 solo soprano; picc, ob, cl; glsp, pno, org (opt) hp
Ghost Nets* 1988 solo contrabass; fl (picc), cl (bs cl); str quartet; ob, bn; horn obbligato; str quartet
(2 conductors)
Ghosts & Gargoyles*
(see also Instrumental Ensemble of a Single Tone Quality)
2001 solo C-flute (piccolo, bass flute)
Invisible Rivers 1987 high soprano (opt); Eb cl (bs cl w/ext); timp/perc, pno; vln, vla, vlc, cb w/ ext
Pathways to Security* 1990 solo baritone; fl (picc), cl (bs cl w/ext); timp/perc, pno, optional accord, org or melodica, hp; vln, vla, vlc, cb
Revenge Before Breakfast* 1982 3 duos (doubling perc instruments); accordion or hp
Chamber Music
Cerberus 1978 solo double bass; piccolo
Headhunt 1962 solo trombone; bs cl, bn; timp/chimes; cb
Lombard Street 1983 solo organ, perc (4)
Mobiles 2 1932, rev.84 solo flute (alto fl); vibe, pno, org or accord, hp or hpschd; vln, vlc
Crossing the Bridge Before You Come To It 1959
flute (alto fl), pno (or any 1: cel, hpschd, hp, org); vln, vlc
Homeless People* 1993 string quartet; pno (inside with perc mallets, also keyboard), accord (optional)
Instrumental Ensemble of a Single Tone Quality
Flight Over a Global Map 1989 trumpet (52); perc (3), pno
(2 conductors)
Ghosts & Gargoyles* 2001 solo C-flute (picc, bs flute); 2 picc (C-fl), 2 C-fl (picc), 2 alto fl, 2 bs fl; jazz drummer
Mass in Gregorian Chant for Multiple Flutes* 1984 picc (5), flute (20 or more)
Orbits* 1979 80 trb (in 80 real parts); org, coloratura voice obbligato
Percussion Ensemble
Dormant Craters* 1995 16 players/40 instruments incl: gamelan set, handbells (3 chromatic octaves), steel-drum choir
Chorus(es) and/or Soloists and Instrumental Groups
December (Dramatic Cantata with Dialogues) 1954  (winner of Prix Italia)
The Grand Universal Circus
(Spatial Theatre Piece in 8 Scenes)
Meteor Farm* (A Secular Oratorio) 1982
Wind, Water, Clouds & Fire* 2004 3 soloists, 4 choruses and instruments

*available on commercial recording


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